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All you wanted to know about references?

" A resume can get you a job interview, but the right references can get you a job"

Not paying attention to your references in your resume can cost you your new job.

For instance, a candidate mentioned the production manager at his previous place of employment as a contact reference person. When the candidate’s prospective employer called the production manager to cross-check the reference, he was told that the information could not be divulged. The production manager suggested that the prospective employer contact someone else. The latter was annoyed - and the candidate was not selected. This is a classic example of how writing the wrong references can affect your chances of getting the job.

"In many cases when job candidates are equally qualified, the right references would tip the balance in your favor"

Another example:

  • You and your competitor have been selected as the final candidates after a rigorous job selection process. In spite of performing well in the interview you do not get the job. You later get to know that the other candidate was selected on the basis of better professional validation provided by a good reference person mentioned in the resume.

The reference section in the resume is where the candidate provides the names and contact details of individuals the prospective employer can contact for additional information on the candidate.

The employer requires references to

  • Validate the information provided in the candidate’s resume
  • Cross-check details regarding the character of the candidate

For each reference, be sure to provide the following information:

  • Name & Designation with Company
  • Contact Address
  • Phone & e-mail ID

Some general guidelines...

Always remember that the references you give should be persons who know you professionally, and not relatives or family friends.

  • Ensure that they are informed that they are mentioned as references in your resume
  • Choose individuals who can and will vouch for you
  • Ensure that the referred person is informed that he will be contacted
  • Make sure the referred person has a copy of the resume
  • If possible, try collecting letters of reference from former employers and attach them to your resume
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