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The first stepů responding to the interview call letter

The postman has just delivered your call letter for the interview. You are so excited and can hardly conceal your happiness that your hard work is finally going to pay off... but remember, this is the time to prepare for the interview. Without adequate preparation, the interview may not go as successfully as you want it to.

  • First, contact the organisation and confirm receipt of the call letter.
  • Orally confirm your participation in the interview.
  • You could get further details like directions to the venue, places for accommodation, whether travel costs will be borne by the organisation etc.
  • Written confirmation through a letter expressing your interest and reconfirming your participation must be sent the same day itself.
  • This is a good opportunity to get additional information on the organisation.

    Some questions you may want to ask:

    • What is the interview process? Is there a group discussion, written test etc
    • How long will the interview last?
    • Will you be able to travel the same day or should you plan to travel the next day?
    • Will you need to attend a second interview? If so, with whom? ( for outstation candidates )

  • Make arrangements for transport and accommodation.
  • Arrangements for rail, air or bus tickets should be made as early as possible, especially if long-distance travel is involved.
  • Plan your schedule in such a way that you reach your destination an evening before the actual interview, so that you can rest and need not be fatigued before the interview.
  • Keep your travel plans flexible - make provisions for delays at the airport or station.
  • Select a place of accommodation that is not too far away from the interview venue.
  • Collect details on the organisation.
  • You could get information from the company Web site
  • Try to network and get in touch with an employee of the organisation.
  • A copy of the balance sheet will provide additional information.
  • Try to get a copy of the induction booklet, which will give all details about the company.

    Some information you may want to get:

    • When was the company established?
    • What is their core business?
    • Where are their offices?
    • Vision and mission statements.
    • History of their founder.
    • Market products and Market share.
    • Who are their competitors?
    • Any major projects being undertaken.
    • Some key employee profiles and how they have grown in the organisation.

  • Plan out a schedule for preparation for the interview.

There may be only a few days left for the interview. Plan out an interview preparation chart. Clearly write down the activities for each day. Most importantly, stick to the schedule.

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