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Are you feeling anxious before your interview?


  • Your interviewer, in all probability, has only limited time to spend with you and form an opinion about you. Remember, there are likely to be many other candidates, and it is up to you to ensure that the interviewer chooses you for the job from the long list of candidates.

  • Every word you say, every action of yours is part of the process of communicating about yourself. During the interview, spend more time projecting your strengths and try to minimise your weaknesses. It is very important not to dwell too long on the negative – on fear and past failures – as negative thinking will lead to negative action… A DEAD GIVEAWAY during any interview.

  • Each of us has many tools that help us during our job search. The right qualifications, work experience and capabilities are just not enough. Your belief cycle, too, is a tool that reflects your win attitude…

Listed below are two belief cycles; choose the one YOU think will work for you!

  • Even if you have experienced failure in the past, which has eroded your self-confidence, you have to learn to overcome it.
  • Remember that failure was under certain circumstances. Today you can learn from your past so that you can taste success in the future.
  • The image you carry about yourself is affected by past experiences. Instead of living in the past learn to rewrite the beliefs about yourself.
  • You need to unlearn your past habits and acquire new ones that reinforce a positive self-esteem.

If you think you can…..you can

If you think you cannot….. you cannot


Here are two sample cases to show how these belief cycles work:

  • Rajesh was very tense as he entered the interview room. He managed to greet the employer as planned. He was then invited to take a seat. Being very nervous, he was not careful and soon he dropped his file containing his certificates. The next few minutes were spent gathering the certificates and trying to arrange them. Rajesh was very upset. The interviewer made an effort to ease the situation. Unfortunately, Rajesh kept thinking only about the incident and how he had made a fool of himself. He was so upset that he could not collect his thoughts and was hesitant with his answers. There were nine more candidates in line. It did not take the interviewer long to reject the rattled Rajesh.

  • Rajesh had no one to blame for blowing the interview. He was in no frame of mind to realise that it was anxiety that made him so nervous and that he should have tried to control his emotions. The incident only added to his high stress levels and affected his performance. Rajesh was further convinced that he was not going to do well in further interviews. He wondered if he would get a job at all.

The second case:

  • Priya was nervous about the interview. Her dad, who realised that she was tense, encouraged her to think positive (and to have a good night’s sleep). He told her that it was important for her to consider the interview as only the beginning of her job search. He told her to face the interview as an opportunity to project her strengths. He persuaded Priya to give of her best in spite of her nervousness.

  • During her interview, Priya made an effort to smile at the interviewer, took time to reflect on the questions before answering. Her body language also reflected a poised, calm demeanor. When the stress interview began, she was not easily rattled. Her positive thinking enabled her to think clearly and be effective.

This, in turn, reflected in her body language. The interviewer picked up the positive traits and in return responded more positively. A smile when a correct answer was given added to her confidence. Priya left the room with the feeling that she had given of her best and waited eagerly for the results.

So now tell me, which is the cycle that you plan to adopt for yourself? The positive cycle is the one that will work for you…Only positive thoughts will lead to positive actions.

The team at career enrich hopes that this article provokes you in having a positive outlook to life which in turn will definitely help you get the right job.

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