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How to behave at work.

It would be quite difficult to cope up with the work culture in a totally different environment. As a fresher to the work place, each and every move of yours would have a direct impact on your reputation. Through your professional life may have many pitfalls because of the games people play at work. We belong to a unit of society whose strategies, strains and tensions can be harassing and dealing with office politics is not always a pleasant affair. Somebody once said, " None of us is responsible for all the things that do happen to us, but we are responsible for the way we react when they do happen."

Sometimes it is necessary to formulate a few rules and conventions and to follow them.

It is very important to approach your work everyday positively and optimistically. There will be times when the pressure rises and you will come under fire, times when all you want to do is scam in frustration. It is very important at these times to stay calm, collected and poised. It is very important to smile a lot and never loose sight of your vision, your goal and your perspective.
Do a through study on who reports to whom in your office. Follow the chain of command.

Be a go-getter and not a gopher (a gopher is a person who obliges everybody for everything. When you are a gopher you tend to lose sight of your goal.)

Recognise the accomplishments of your co-workers and compliment them on their achievements.

When you need to communicate with a sub-ordinate or a co-worker about his work do so privately. Never critisise. Express your point of view, advise and give suggestions to help your colleague. When being critisised, do not react immediately. Later when you do get a chance, explain things to your boss.

Avoid gossip since reputations can be ruined. If you cannot say something good about others, do not say anything bad either. Handle a gossiper with tact.

Be wary of rumours, as the people who spread them just want to get ahead by irresponsible means compromising on ethics.

Don't go public about your personal life. Try to draw as little attention as possible to your personal life. Keep your personal troubles for the ears of your family and friends. Do not download on a fellow employee as this may work against you.

In case you fall in love with someone at work , be discreet and save your romance for after office hours. At work, concentrate on your work and don't let the romance do more harm than good.

The competition at work is cutting edge and at times you may be faced by problems that over helm you in their nature and intensity. No matter how difficult the situation may seem, you must remember to be practical and logical and not let your emotions get the better of you. Let common sense be your guide and use your insight to remove obstacles and your efforts will give you joy, peace and happiness.
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